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Company contact
Rudolf Storz GmbH
Friedrich-Wöhler-Straße 13
78576 Emmingen

Phone +49 (74 65) 926 146-0
Fax +49 (74 65) 926 146-50
To contact the sales department for all sales and production inquiries, including quotation requests
To contact central purchasing for all enquiries regarding purchasing and suppliers
To contact the “Customer Service” department for your orders
To contact the accounting department and for supplier invoices.
To contact the Service department in case of repairs and product complaints. Please fil in the attached form and enclose it with your product return. Download:  Clearance Certificate
To contact the human resources department for all personnel enquiries and applications
For general inquiries


If you not be able to contact us directly in case of reportable incidents, please send us an e-mail: